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06. - 14.07.2024

“Warnemünder Woche” means a combination of international sailing competitions, outdoor celebrations, and 700,000 visitors altogether for one of the greatest maritime festivals along the coast of the Baltic Sea, which takes place each year during the first full week in July.

For nine days the top sailors from around the globe are in the spotlight as they compete in one of the most challenging nautical locations in Northern Europe. Over 2,000 sailors from 30 countries and 25 sailing classes are the centerpiece of the event. The sailing area, which sits before the gates to the Hanseatic city of Rostock, is especially beloved for its unending, majestic waves. The short distance from the regatta course, the proximity to downtown, and a consistent westerly wind make Warnemünde a favorite among sailors.

Since 1991, the ‘Laser Europa Cup’ together with the various international sailing classes of regattas, has ranked among the sporting highlights.  For open seas sailors, “Warnemünder Woche” offers a wide range of activities: long-distance regattas around Bornholm as well as medium- and short-distance regattas. The beach offers an elevated shoreline and two piers, allowing spectators to experience the races up close.

“Warnemünder Woche” has plenty to offer on dry land as well. Over 3,000 people take part in the kick-off parade, during which performers in historical costumes weave through the old fishing village. With a range of events including an open air handball tournament in the sand, dragon boat racing, Waschzuber-Rennen (a comical event where people test out their homemade watercrafts), Shanty- and Trachtentreffen (where performers sing wearing traditional old sailor garb), beach parties and concerts, there is something for everyone. The stage near the historical lighthouse plays host to many of the cultural events. During this week, numerous ocean liners take port at the Warnemünde Cruise Center. Come see what makes Warnemünde the most beloved destination in Germany for cruise ships from all over the world!

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Rostock & Warnemünde
Büro Hanse Sail Rostock
Warnowufer 65
18057 Rostock

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Segel-Club e.V.
Am Bahnhof 3
(Yachthafen Mittelmole)
18119 Warnemünde

Tel. +49 (0) 381 / 523 40
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06. – 14.07.2024
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