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Mid of July 2024

Maritime Tradition in Ostseebad Dierhagen is of the utmost importance. At the “Dierhäger Zeesenboot-Regatta”, over 20 wooden ships with their distinctive red-brown sails gather to kick things off. The majority of these ships are over 100 years old, although they you would never know from their pristine condition. The “Zeesenboot-Regatta” is a very special event, not just for fans of traditional sailing, but also for land-dwellers, it is a feast for the eyes.

The traditional and, for Germany, unique fishing vessels are experiencing a Renaissance as family and regatta boats. The Ostseebad serces as an advocate for the continued use and care of these magnificent wooden boats. Tradition stands at the forefront of this festival. The folksy, warm atmosphere is what makes the “Regatta-Tage” an unparalleled experience. Whoever takes the time to understand the history and function of these special fishing boats will find this experience even more rewarding.

Harbour Festival Dierhagen
July 2024

At the end of July, the otherwise calm and peaceful rest stop for sea travelers transforms into a energetic playground for entertainment-seekers. Lively beats, friendly atmosphere and spectacular fireworks signal that the traditional “Hafentage” have once again begun. A colorful entertainment line-up for the whole family is standard, making the “Hafentage” an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Mid of July 2024

Harbour Festival
July 2024