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08. - 11.08.2024

Every year on the second weekend in August, over 250 sailboats, steamboats and ships pass by the Warnemünde pier as they travel back and forth between the docks of Rostock’s harbors. Those lucky enough to find a place on the pier get a front row seat to the action. See fully-rigged ships, barquentines, schooners, cogs, cutters, and steamboats along with the ice-breaker “Stettin” and the tugboat named “Woltman”. Here, it is true that age brings beauty!

The total length of the official participant ships added together would measure over 6 km, and their combined age would add up to over 12,000 years! Enjoy direct contact with traditional ships and their crews along the “Bummelmeilen” in Warnemünde and Rostock during the Open-Ship or at the Shanty; the Hanse Sail celebrations on dry land complement the offshore offerings: enjoy music, dancing, exhibits, ride the giant Ferris wheel, and snack on rollmops, a regional specialty. A visit to the sailing stadium or learning about life in the Hanseatic period on the Silo-Halbinsel offer excitement for the entire family.

Even better than watching the spectacle on the water is to actually get involved! For example, help out with the sails on sea voyage aboard a traditional sailboat. Around 30,000 sailors take this opportunity to contribute to the preservation of maritime history.

Not just the official Hanse Sail participants turn up in the harbor during this event. Just about anything that floats can be seen on the ‘’water stage’’ off Warnemünde and Warnow: from cruise liners to ferries, tugboats to German Navy ships, yachts to dinghies.

Regardless whether you choose to observe or actively participate in this maritime drama, this water spectacular near and on the Warnow and the Baltic coast of Warnemünde inspires over one million visitors each year.

Photos: Lutz Zimmermann

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08. – 11.08.2024